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What parts is a mattress made of and how often should I clean my mattress?

The usually rectangular shaped mattresses are composed of two main components:

Mattress core

The core of a mattress is crucial for your features and functionality. A broad distinction is made between the core material used for spring mattresses (for example, Bonell spring core, pocket spring core), foam mattresses (for example cold foam, visco-foam), latex mattresses, gel mattresses and various natural mattresses (for example kapok, horsehair or coconut). There are also mattress models in which the core consists of several layers or layers or even of different materials.

Mattress cover

The cover of a mattress also influences its properties and functions. It should be matched in material, equipment, and design to the core of the mattress. Mattresses can be fitted with fixed or removable covers, which is essential for cleaning the mattress. Incidentally, a good cover with temperature- or climate-regulating properties can account for up to half of the total price of a mattress.

And then there is the upholstery

Another important part of mattresses is the upholstery. Since the padding can be both a component of the core and of the cover, this is actually not a single element. Most of the padding material is processed into a nonwoven and then applied directly to the mattress core or quilted with the cover. Some mattresses use a variety of upholstery materials, and there are models that have both upholstery in the core and in the upholstery.

How often should I clean my mattress?

In contrast to the bedding, which should be changed or washed in the warmer months in the rhythm of about 14 days in the colder months to the rhythm of about 28 days, when cleaning the mattress longer distances are recommended when it comes to washing the Reference goes.

If you care for your mattress well and regularly, it is quite sufficient to wash the mattress cover 1-2 times a year. Just act as needed (for example, in case of persistent contamination) or simply wish for fresh freshness in bed. Generally, it is advisable to wash the mattress cover in the summer or on a warm day because here the conditions for quick drying in the air and thus for a direct operational readiness on the same day are the best. Take advantages of Mattress sale at